In the immortal words of pretty much every business coach and motivational speaker ever, “If you always do what you’ve always done, you always get… blah blah blah”. Yeah, you know what we’re trying to say.

So if you’ve been using the same marketing tactics for a while and not seen much in the way of return, perhaps it’s time to change things up a bit. Step out of your comfort zone. Go out on a limb. Make some videos.

Video is kinda unique, maybe even the sharpest tool in the marketing box. Done right, it can get all those synapses sparking and all those neural pathways connecting in ways that other types of content might struggle to manage by themselves. Come to think of it, we should have done this as a video…

Let me try and convince you with a list:

  1. Three letters: S.E.O. An engaging video can keep visitors on your site long enough to score some serious G-points (that’s Google, btw). Points mean higher organic rankings. Put your videos on YouTube – because Google owns YouTube – and the G-bots will be looking out for keywords in your video title, description and tags. Turn on the captions as well and woah, it’s all getting a bit! Upload that video to Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter as well, and your footprint suddenly becomes… er… Big Foot.
  2. Credibility. Video proves you are in fact a real hoooman bean, not just words on a page, or twenty years older than your photo would suggest. If you’re selling more than just widgets by the million, it’s important for your customers to see whether your words and your body language match up. A video can go a long way to establishing the trust factor.
  3. One-upmanship. While your competitors are moaning on about not liking the sound of their voice on recordings, or doing what they’ve always done and getting what they’ve always got, you can be picking off their customers like a kid picking the top off a jaffa cake. And all because you’re making videos and they’re not.
  4. Brevity.
  5. Emotion – those synapses and neural pathways I mentioned earlier. Video is like the perfect blend of emotional stimuli creating a sensory explosion in the mind. Take a liberal slosh of storytelling, a dash of music, and smidgen of graphics and a dash of text, blend together in an editing app to create a Michelin starred masterpiece to suit every palette.
  6. Show ‘n’ tell. Not just for school kids. If you’ve got a proposition that words on a page or a snapshot in time just doesn’t do justice, press that red button and capture every movement in glorious technicolour.

So there you have it. Give your marketing efforts a new lease of life with video. It may not happen overnight, but this could be the new tool in the box that gives you the results that the stuff you’ve always done, doesn’t.

Our video training workshops will show you how you can bypass the professionals to take control of your own video marketing. With just one mobile device, we’ll show you how to plan, shoot, edit and upload your own videos. Get in touch to find out more.