Video is here to stay. It has become a preferred way of sharing and gathering information online. If you want to make quick, simple, attention-grabbing videos to raise voices, raise awareness and raise funds without hiring a video production company every time, this course is for you.



Learn how to make attention-grabbing videos with your smartphone.


80% of charities say video is crucial to their work.*

88% of video marketers reported that video gives them a positive ROI.**

57% of online viewers donate after watching an amazing video, and videos promoting crowdfunding pages raise 4 times as many donations.*

But what if you can’t afford to hire a producer to create the volume of content you need?

What if you don’t have the tech know-how or the time to make your own?

What if you have a lot to say but lack the confidence to say it on camera?

Despite all the barriers, if you still think video could be an effective way to promote your organisation and raise awareness, we’re here to tell you there’s nothing stopping you using it. Not now you have this course.

This course will give you a solid foundation in how to plan, shoot, edit and upload simple, yet effective promotional, awareness and educational videos for web and social media – using just a mobile device and a few inexpensive accessories.

No new skill comes without training and practice, of course, but we have created a programme that removes the jargon and complexity. In a short amount of time you’ll be shooting and editing with ease.

The course will teach you how to make attention-grabbing video content for your website and social media platforms.

Make Your Own Video Training Academy was set up by two video producers and editors who want to share with you their combined 40 years experience of making videos for charities. We want to help you get better at video and this course will give you a solid foundation.



** Wyzowl’s State of Video Marketing Report, 2020


This course is ideal for marketing, fundraising and communication professionals from charities, not-for-profits and social enterprises who want to make attention-grabbing video content quickly and regularly.

Your learning will be quicker if you’re already confident with mobile devices and social media, but if not it just means you may learn at a slightly slower pace. You do not need any prior experience of video making to take this course, or to be successful in it.


Section 1 – Planning:

  • What equipment you need and how to set it up
  • Begin with the end in mind – where will you show your videos?
  • What will you say? Writing your script and planning interview questions
  • Presenting like a pro
  • How to get the best out of interviewees
  • How to find a suitable filming location


Section 2 – Shooting:

  • Setting up for the shoot
  • How to achieve good lighting without expensive video lights
  • Set your videos apart from all the others – how to record clear audio
  • What’s in the frame? Simple rules for an evenly balanced composition
  • Staying focused – how to set the focus and exposure
  • Final checks before pressing the red button
  • Signing on the line – getting consent from contributors
  • Saving and backing up footage


Section 3 – Editing:

  • Understanding simple video editing programmes
  • The basic principles of video editing
  • Bringing videos to life – adding supplementary clips
  • How to add effects and text
  • How to add a background music track
  • Saving and exporting your video


Section 4 – Uploading:

  • How to set up the social media channels you need
  • Going native – how to upload videos to social media
  • How to optimise videos to help viewers find them easily
  • How to add videos to your website
  • Final analysis – how to measure the success of your videos


This course was created by two experienced video producers, Glyn Allen and Ruth Duggal.

Glyn is a video producer, director, camera operator, editor and motion graphic artist with 20 years experience in broadcast television, event management, photography and video production. Glyn is a self-confessed ‘tech head’ with an addiction for the latest gear and a passion for keeping up to date with the latest video trends. When not working, Glyn loves travelling, sampling rare whiskeys, snowboarding, flying his drone and mountain biking.

Glyn has made many videos for charities such as Little Princess Trust as well as travelling to South Africa, Hong Kong, Japan, China and the UK working with on multiple causes like the Aids and HIV and Child Trafficking campaigns for United for UNICEF, Manchester United’s Foundation which was launched in 1999 and is the longest-running collaboration between a Premiership football club and a global children’s organisation.

Ruth is a video producer, director, writer and editor with 20 years experience in producing videos for businesses and organisations. As a producer, Ruth specialises in working with organisations that exist to make a difference, such as charities, arts and cultural organisations, and education and learning providers, helping them create heart-felt videos that make viewers think, feel and take action. She has trained numerous small business owners as well as in-house teams of large organisations how to make their own promotional and marketing videos. She has a knack of explaining complex techniques in simple ways. She is also a published feature writer with a passion for human interest storytelling. In her spare time she enjoys walking, singing/song writing and sauvignon blanc.

What You will need

Access to a computer, tablet or mobile phone with an internet connection. Tablets and computers give you the best experience.

You may also find it useful to have a paper and pen for note taking.

What next?

Buy our handbook, currently 50% off. It makes a fantastic companion to our courses and workshops.

Buy basic equipment through our shop.

Take one of our online courses. Find out more here.

“Excellent, credible, relevant and practical without being overly mercenary. This mini course taught me a lot about what I needed to be doing and I am highly likely to attend a further course. The cheat sheet was excellent.” 

Jonathan Ratcliffe

JMR Sales & Consultancy

“I found the course genuinely useful. The style of delivery was personable, free from jargon and not pushy! Your approach made me want to learn more with MYOVDO and I think this will interest a wide range of people.”

Romany Ghani

Fashion Retailer

“The advice in this free course is practical and covers areas of video production I hadn’t thought of. I didn’t think it was possible to produce professional-looking videos using just a mobile phone.”

Rob Powell

Musician & Voice-over Artist

Course Consultation  

We offer a phone/video-call consultation service, ideal if you have any questions, would like an appraisal of your videos, or if you need support or advice with any aspect of video making.

Consultations are charged by the hour.

Practical workshops to top up your learning





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