At MYOVDO Training Academy we have developed a quick, simple and user-friendly way to make your own promotional videos. All you have to do is follow our Storyboards. These are a set of  templates of different types of promotional videos.

We provide five storyboards in the Handbook; these have been carefully selected to result in a suite of five types of web and social media videos that guide your viewers on a journey from AWARENESS to ACTION.

When you’re ready to make more types of videos, simply purchase a storyboard from our range here. If you can’t see a storyboard for the type of video you want to make, drop us a line and we’ll create one for you.

More storyboards will be released regularly so keep checking this page or sign up to our newsletter for information on new releases straight to your inbox.



The Overview provides a flavour of your offering, designed to attract the attention of passing viewers and make them want to learn more.



The Explainer provides more details about a specific product, service or aspect of your business; make separate explainer videos for each one.



The Personal Introduction is about the people behind the brand. Make separate videos for every member of your team.



The How-to explains step-by-step methods to your viewers, and at the same time demonstrates your expertise.



      The Testimonial is a video of a satisfied customer endorsing your product or service – a powerful persuader for prospective clients.

        STORYBOARD #6

        THE REVIEW

          Use the Review storyboard if you want to review a product or service – yours or someone else’s. Explain the features, and describe how users will benefit from it.
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              STORYBOARD #7

              THE PROCESS

                The Process storyboard is ideal for showing a process in a linear sequence, such as following a recipe or showing how something is made.
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                    STORYBOARD #8

                    THE EXPERT

                      The Expert is designed for people who have specialist and useful knowledge to share with prospects or customers, who may benefit from this knowledge.
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                          STORYBOARD #9

                          THE EVENT HIGHLIGHTS

                            Use this storyboard to show a round-up of an event you’ve held – particularly useful for promoting future events of a similar nature.
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                                STORYBOARD #10

                                THE COMPANY CULTURE

                                  Company Culture videos serve a dual purpose: showing customers how you work as a team, and prospective employees what it’s like to work with you.
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                                      Video content now represents 74% of all internet content


                                      Marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users


                                      4 in 5 consumers say a video showing how a product or service works is important


                                      52% of marketing professionals  worldwide name video as the type of content with the best return on investment